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HIGH IMPACT WORSHIPFueled by scripture. Driven to give God Glory.

Worship Application 


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HIGH IMPACT WORSHIPFueled by scripture. Driven to give God Glory.

Worship Application 

Worship at Harvest West Valley

Our ministry exists to help our people experience the sufficiency and express the supremacy of Christ in all things and is built on the pillar of John 4:24 - “Those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” Every weekend we gather together on 7 campuses with an army of volunteers to work for Christ and worship Christ. 

Our Worship Values:

Bible Saturation 
The content of our singing and praying and welcoming and preaching will always conform to the truths of Scripture. God’s Word is the ground of all our appeal to authority. Isaiah 40:8

Head and Heart
Our services will appeal to clear thinking about spiritual things, and seek to kindle hearts with deep, strong, real emotions towards God with these truths. Matthew 22:37

Our services will have the atmosphere of a radically personal encounter with the God of truth. We will avoid all pretense and posturing, all flippant, superficial frivolity. We will pursue reverence, passion, and wonder. Psalm 96

We want all stage participants to disappear and allow the greatness of God to shine through. Our trust is in our Message, not ourselves as messengers. We actively avoid shoddiness and lack of preparation as well as distracting finesse or refinement. Psalm 115:1

Contemporary and Traditional 
e celebrate different time periods of musical expression, not for the sake of appeasing demographics, but to show how the glory of God transcends personal taste. Matthew 13:52

We would love for YOU to be a part of our worship ministry!

Serving in the Worship Ministry: 

1. You must be a believer in Jesus Christ and Harvest must be your home church. No exceptions.

2. You must be able to take honest feedback during your initial meeting with our staff.

3. We need faithful players and singers who are willing to play at least once a month.

Though we may place you in a certain ministry, it doesn't guarantee you will stay there. It is up to that ministry leader to decide whether you are capable and trustworthy enough to serve in that specific role.

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