Consider praying about where you might “work for Christ,” shouldering kingdom responsibility based on how God has made and equipped you.


The amazing thing about how Christ builds His church is that He uses people like you and me to accomplish His eternal purposes (Eph. 4:11-12). As you consider where you might fit, here are the following ministries in need of your help.



Striving to display the worthiness of God in a ways that allows us to express what He means to us as Redeemer and Lord, those who lead and serve in this ministry have the privilege to stir our minds and affections for Christ each week in our worship service through song, prayer, and testimony.


Children’s Ministry

Believing that children are a vital part of the church and that the body of Christ is a “family of families” those who serve and lead in this ministry have a heart to see children learn the Word of God and the Gospel of Christ from an early age; leaders and volunteers are screened and trained to teach and shepherd children in a nurturing and safe environment.



Realizing that the church does not exist to make Christians more comfortable but to “make disciples,” those who lead and serve in this ministry strategize to create awareness and opportunities for us to make Christ known locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally through the bold proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Small Groups

Recognizing that Harvest is not a church with small groups, but a church OF small groups, those who lead and serve in this ministry facilitate bringing Biblical teaching into practical application by helping establish and organize small groups within the body, train and equip small group leaders, and maintain close accountability for the primary discipleship ministry of Harvest Bible Chapel.



Seeing that ministry that is done to the glory of God maintains a commitment to excellence in all things, those who lead and serve in this ministry oversee the properties and physical resources entrusted to us by God by maintaining a functional, clean, safe, friendly, and attractive environment for worship and ministry.



Stewarding the financial resources generously given by God’s people, those who lead and serve in this ministry oversee the collecting, counting, recording, and depositing of all monies so that the financial integrity of Harvest Bible remains above reproach.



Understanding that moving people forward in discipleship is never automatic, those who lead and serve in this ministry provide a smooth way for first-time guests to integrate into the life of the church through ushering worshippers into the service, supplying attendees with worship guides, following up with visitors, answering questions, tracking attendance, and organizing party with the pastors and the Guest Reception.


Student Ministries

Considering that youth is one of the most important and formative times in the life of a person, those who lead and serve in this ministry will teach and disciple the students of Harvest Bible amidst some of the hardest challenges and greatest triumphs of life.



Leading the way in showing love to strangers, those who lead and serve in this ministry have a heart to enhance the worship gatherings by providing quality refreshments and appropriate decorations for times of fellowship and special events, to the glory of God.



Living in an age where the medium of communication is primarily virtual and digital, those who lead and serve in this ministry oversee the establishment and maintenance of the church’s website, audio and visual productions, testimony videos, and slides for Sunday worship.



Organizing the practical details of a coordinated ministry is one of the most critical success factors to keeping the disciple-making church on mission—those who lead and serve in this ministry maintain a quality church office, coordinate the schedules of ministry leaders and volunteers, handle correspondence with vendors, represent Harvest Bible to the community, and perform whatever clerical functions best free the pastors and elders to focus on the ministry of prayer and the Word.

We need your help!

There are plenty of serving opportunities open just for you. Please contact us below if you would like to fill a need.

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