A Sure Way to Connect is a class that will help you gain a solid understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ.


Before you attend Membership@Harvest we suggest you attend Harvest Connect. This is a great way to learn about Harvest and meet some of the Pastors and Elders. This is not required for membership, but we do think it is a good idea to attend!


Membership@Harvest is offered several times annually. It discusses the history of our church, describes a disciple of Jesus Christ, explains our church government, what the Bible says about baptism, and the commitments of members of Harvest Bible Chapel. This class is a prerequisite for church membership at Harvest.


At the completion of the third part of the membership class, please complete this application for membershipAfter the application is completed and submitted, a membership interview will be conducted. During this interview with one of our church leaders the prospective member shares their testimony of conversion to Christ and asks any remaining questions about the church. The individual’s name is then placed in the weekly email updates and displayed on the slides before and after services for two consecutive weeks. If there are no concerns raised by other members of Harvest, the individual is officially welcomed in as a member.

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